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Flat rate if order total is less than $$

Is there any way to have it calculate a percentage of the total order and if it is less than the minimum charge for a particular type of shipping, the charge will be a flat rate?

Yes. Take a look at your "Shipping charges" in the control panel. Here is an example:
Shipping method: UPS Ground (national)
Zone: Default (USA)
(by the way you can also use Zone1 - Canada, Zone2 - International to setup different charges)

1st scenario: order total is less than $49.50 - shipping rate will be flat $4.95
2nd scenario: if order total more than $49.50 - shipping charges will be 10% from the order total.

In reality you can set up almost any shipping charges your want. But the simpler it will be - the better. Even without PRO package you can set up different shipping rates for different providers (group of products).
See "Per lbs" field in "Shipping charges" ?
We can use it. We can set up weight for all products from supplier1 as 0lb and supplier2 as 1 and supplier3 as 1.5lb. And in the shipping charges set "Per lbs" to 1.
So shipping of 1 item (with price less than $49.5) from supplier1 will be $4.95, from supplier2 : $4.95+$1=$5.95, supplier3 : $4.95+$1.5=$6.95
You can play with it to set up what you need.

You can send us the summary of shipping charges you want to use and we'll suggest the setup.
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