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Setting inventory tracking based on product options

> "inventory tracking based on product options" is listed as a
> feature of finestshops, can you please let me know how I can do this.
> For example, I have a watch that comes in both mens &
> womens models, so I need to keep track of each model inventory.
> Is it possible to just have the "mens" & "womens" listed as
> an option for the product & it would keep inventory on each model?

To setup product variants,

go to "Product details" page: "Modify product" -> "Search" -> "Modify"

click "Product options"

setup your new option like this:

Option class: style

Option text: Select style

Option type: Variant (if you want to keep separate SKU and inventory for each selection) or Modificator (if you do not want separe SKU and inventory for each option)

In Option values list enter 2 lines:


Click "Add/Update option"

Click "Product variants"

You'll see 2 added options under "Variants"

You can specify Price, Qty and SKU for every option.

Click "Update"

Let us know if you need help with this,
we'll set an example for you.
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