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More info on product import

> how to import product image on the spreed sheet. I know
> all the product id. But I don't know what
> folder for product image such as image/001.jpg

To import product you will need:

1) prepare product file for the import in csv (excel) format. Here you can download an example of such file:

2) upload all the product images to your store via ftp to folder:

store/files/images/small (for thumbnails)
store/files/imageslarge (for detailed images)

During the product import, system will check THUMBMAIL column for image file image for each product in csv file and search for it in "store/files/images/small" on the server. If thumbnail is found - it will be linked to the product.

The main point is to enter exact image file names in csv file. for example: "I09E5.jpg" is not the same as "i09e5.jpg" and not the same as "I09E5.JPG". and it's not a good idea to use spaces in file names.
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