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How to add and link several Links pages

 > In static pages I have a "links" page.
> I need to add more "links" pages and link them together
> How do I do that.

You can add more pages and add html code for links to them on the main static (links) page.

If you do not want to see all your extra pages listed in "Help" section, go to "Edit templates" -> "help.tpl", remove this line:

{include file="pages_menu.tpl"}

(this code lists all extra pages)
and add link to the page you want to see there like this:

<A href="pages.php?pageid=1" class="VertMenuItems">Links</A><BR>

Where "1" is pageid (you see it in address bar while modifying your extra page) and "Links" is name of your page.

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