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Using FTP to manage files on server

FTP is a fast and convenient way to upload files to your server, modify templates or change file's permissions. To work with files in your account via ftp:

1) Download and install any FTP software (for example: SmartFTP from

2) enter FTP login information:

  • FTP server: or IP address
  • FTP user: from your welcome email
  • FTP password: from your welcome email
  • FTP Protocol: SFTP
  • FTP Port: 22

If your domain is not pointed to our servers yet, you can use your dedicated IP ADDRESS as FTP server.

3) Usually, you have to turn off Passive mode (use Active mode). To do this in SmartFTP, go to Tools :: Settings :: Connection :: Mode : set to Active

* Please refer to your FTP software User manual for more information on how to use it.

4) Your root folder is "httpdocs" - place files or folders you want to be accessible from the web inside this folder

* If you uploading new files to replace old ones, please backup old versions on your computer in a separate folder in case you will want to go back to them.

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