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Updating to a new release (for advanced users only)

Before update you'll need to request update patches to be uploaded to your store.

** make sure you read UPGRADE.NOTES file in store/ folder and X-Cart Reference Manual for information about upgrading.

Examples of steps to upgrade from v4.0.12 to v4.0.13:

0) Backup your store (both files and database)

1) Go to


(you have to be logged in as "master")

2) In upgrade section you'll see "Target version" 4.0.13

Click [Apply]

3) Patch script will test permissions on the files it has to modify.

Most likely you will see some "non-writable" files.

4) Login to your account via SSH (Secure shell). Use same server, user and pass as for ftp. You can get Free Telnet/SSH Client called "putty" here:

5) Run 2 commands after you login:


for i in `sed -e 's/,.*$//g' < upgrade/4.0.12-4.0.13/file.lst`; do chmod 666 $i ; done

First command will change active folder to "store"

Second command will change permissions on the files.

6) Switch to your browser with Patch script and click [Go back]

7) System will test your files again and will show you the list with most of files ready to be updated. Some files can be in "could not patch" status. Those files will have to be updated manually. Write down all the files which can not be patched so you have the list later.

If you see files in "not found" status, you'll have to upload such files (just empty file is fine) before you can continue. Files like "INSTALL" for example were removed for security reasons.

8) At the bottom of the page you'll see


Some of files in your installation got the status "could not patch".

Tick here if you want to try to apply the patch to these files

Make sure this checkbox is disabled (unchecked). We noticed too many problems with this enabled.

9) Click [Next]. Your files will be updated. At the bottom of result page you'll see files which were not upgraded - write them down and upload new versions of those files from new version or upgrade them manually using diff files from /store/upgrade folder.

If you'll go back to patch.php page, you'll see new version and can upgrade to the next release.

Let us know if you have any questions or want us to update your store and send you the list of files which were not updated be the patch module and has to be changed manually.

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