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How to decrease spam

1) The best way is to disable catch all account:

Hosting control panel ( -> Subscriptions -> -> Mail -> Preferences -> Mail to nonexistent user -> Reject -> [OK]

2) Next thing is to enable "SpamAssassin"

Hosting control panel ( -> Subscriptions -> -> Mail -> your email address -> SpamAssassin [On] -> Hits required for spam - change to 4 -> [Set]

Spam emails will come to your mailbox with *****SPAM***** in the subject so you can set a filter in your mailing software to move such emails into a separate folder for review. It's not recommended to set such emails to be deleted because sometimes legit messages are marked as *****SPAM***** because of the content.

If the above steps will not eliminate spam completely it will decrease it to the manageable amount.

Update: the best spam protection we found at Google Mail services. Some time ago Google introduced business services which include emails with great spam filters. You can check this at

Let us know if you are interested in setting up your mail via Google Business Mail service (at this time it's free)

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