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How to enable Froogle / Google Base datafeed

Initial Setup

- click "Modules"
- check the box beside "Froogle/GoogleBase"
- click [Update] to save the changes
- go to "General settings" > "Froogle/GoogleBase options"
- enter Google Base ftp username and password (you can get it from your Google Base account)
- [Save]

Submitting the data feed

- go to "Import/Export" menu
- click "Froogle/GoogleBase export" link
- click [Export] to create a new product file
- Click [Upload] to send that file to Google server.
optional: you can click [Download] to save that file to your computer for review or manual submitting to Google Base

Please note: you will not be able to submit a new file if current file was not processed by Google (can take up to 1-2 days).
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