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I'm not getting email sent from the store

If you did not point your domain to a new site yet, all email sent by your store to are not going out and simply moved into your mail account on our server (because server thinks you are already hosting this domain here). To receive that mail, you can add new email account and add it as an additional account to your mailing software (like Outlook).

Add a new account:

1) go to your account control panel

2) login

3) click on ""

4) click "Mail"

5) add new accounts you want to use (orders, info ...)

Add this account to your mailing software:

7) add new POP3 account to your mailing software using this information:


POP3 user: full email address (ex:

POP3 password: one you just set in step 6

SMTP server: your ISP server or YOUR_IP_ADDRESS

After this, you will start getting mail sent by our server to addresses.

Webmail will not work until you point domain to our servers (change name servers).

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