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Product import questions

What are these fields: - provider - distribution

"provider" field is an internal value. Will be set to admin account who inserted the product and send copy of order notification to this admin account.
"distribution" - This is path to a file on the server. Should be used only for downloadable products.

The DESCR field is required. Any reason why?

You can just put " " (space) in this field if you do not want to use it. You should use descr filed first. If you want to have both - short and long description you can add long description to fulldescr

- Please do not use "brand" and "model" fields for the import. They are not processed by the system and will cause error. Those fileds were used in the old versions. You can use "Extra fields" interface to specify as much extra fileds as you want, you can import extra fields as param00, param01 ...
- Images should have .jpg or .gif extention, other extentions will cause an error. If you must have images without extention,
you have to put full path to it
- Use descr field instead of fulldescr.
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