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SSL Certificate vs. MaAfee vs Norton security

> if you can explain the benefit of SSL Certificate vs. MaAfee /
> Norton security, I would greatly appreciate it. Do I need to have both?
> It sounds confusing to me as for what does what between the SSL certificate
> and Norton Security......

SSL Certificate, MaAfee and Norton security have nothing in common.
Those are completely different services and can not substitute one another.

SSL certificate - required to have your store's control panel, customers' registration, login and
checkout to be done via secured HTTPS connection. You have SSL certificate included with your account with us.

McAfee PCI scan - included in your account at no charge. This service will scan your store to see if
there are any security issues and provide a report with things required fixing.

McAfee Secure - this is a premium service from McAfee which will scan your store every day and
allow you to display a hackersafe banner if no serious issues were found. This service is $850-$900/year

Norton Security is an anti-virus software installed on your office computer and has nothing to do with your on-line store.

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