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How to change some text

Multilingual support is a very powerful feature suitable for shops with international customers. There are built-in languages: English (default), German, French, and Swedish. Also, it is very easy to add a new language. You can easily change text labels on the frontend using the language interface.

You can change text, labels, email, and error messages that appear both in the customer front-end and back-end administration pages.

  1. Click Languages on the Administration menu, and the Edit languages form appears.
  2. Select the language you want to edit from the language drop-down list in the "Edit language" box.
  3. Select the topic from the drop-down list, the template system uses four different classes of topics: labels, text, errors, and email. The page reloads with new variables.
  4. Do one of the following:
    Find the variable you want to modify and change its value.
    Scroll down to the Add new entry and enter the variable name, the description, and the value.
  5. Every variable has its description and value. Values are shown in templates. You can use description fields to enter additional information about variables. You can also change or delete existing variables and add new entries.
  6. You can use the filter to narrow the list of variables. For example to search for the site title, enter "title" in the Apply filter field; to search for the welcome message, enter "welcome" in the Apply filter field and click GO
  7. To modify the language variable, enter a new text into "value" field and click [Apply changes]
  8. You can use HTML markup tags within values. Do not forget to close all the HTML tags that require the closing tag.
  9. You can look into the template source code to find the name of the variable you want to modify.

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