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Q: Can I operate 2 stores (or more) from within one admin?

A: One way to do this is by using a central system to manage your products and orders. For example, ERP stands for “Enterprise Resource Management” - the consolidated process of gathering and organizing business data through a software suite. 

If you are not using an ERP system in your business yet, this will require a major investment of time and resources.

Another, the less expensive way is to connect all your stores to a few systems:

- PIM "Product Information Management" system (Inriver or Akeneo for example) will allow you to manage and update your products in all the stores at the same time

- Shipping system (ShipsStation, ShippingEasy or ShipBob for example) to manage all your shipments in one system

- A billing system (like QuickBooks) to manage your orders and customers received from all the stores in the same system.

Send us some information on your existing systems and we'll recommend a few options to optimize your processes and management.

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