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How to change site's domain and point old URL to a new domain

If you used a domain "" and want to change everything to a new domain "",
there is an easy way to tell search engines and redirect users to your new site.
Just add this to .htaccess file on "" site:

#Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L]

and all urls of your old domain will redirect to the same URLs on a new domain with 301 code.
So if customer or search engine hits URL:

they will be automaticaly redirected to

and search engines will know that URL was permanently changed and will update their indexes faster.

Do not forget to setup a new SSL certificate for your new domain if you are using secure checkout there.
Old SSL certificate will not work with a different domain.

Let us know if you need help with any of this.

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