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Membership levels

Can you explain how the membership levels work?
What is on there now and why? I see wholesale and premium.

wholesale and premium are there by default. You can remove them and add your own levels or just turn off Membership feature if you do not need it.

Membership feature is used for providing special services (access to particular categories, special pricing) for specific groups of clients. Membership levels are assigned by you to particular customers.

You can change membership level using 'Users' -> 'Manage customers' -> 'Search', then select customer and set desired membership level.

Store also supports 'signup for membership' feature. In user registration form there is a dropdown box with available membership levels. If customer selects membership level he does not get this membership immediately. You can view all customers whose requested membership level does not match their actual membership level and decide whether to apply requested level or not. You can get the list of such customers in 'Users' -> 'Manage customers' -> 'Search'. Then select 'Pending membership' from membership dropdown box.

To restrict access to a category for particular members you should set the desired membership level in category properties.

Pricing of products may also depend on membership level. You can specify those prices in product modify dialog. Quantity field allows you to specify wholesale pricing for each membership level.
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