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Meta description vs Meta keywords - what to enter there?

Q: I'm adding categories and products to our store. What I'm supposed to enter into the Meta keywords and Meta description areas?

Meta Description tag : The description tag should be written in such way that it will show what information your page contains or what your page is about. Write short and clear sentences that will not confuse your visitors. The description tag should be less than 200 characters. The meta description tag also has a great importance for the SEO optimization of your page. It is most important for the prospect visitor when looking at the search engine result page - this tag is often displayed there and helps you to distinguish your page from the others in the list.

Meta Keywords tag: lately, keyword tag has become the least important tag for the search engines and especially Google. However, it is an easy way to reinforce once again your most important keywords.

The keyword tags should contain between 4 and 10 keywords. They should be listed with commas and should correspond to the major search phrases you are targeting. Every word in this tag should appear somewhere in the body, or you might get penalized for irrelevance. No duplicates or it may be considered spam.

For example, your product or category title is "Golf Trophy"

Meta description can be: The one stop shop for all your trophy needs!
Meta keywords: golf trophy, golf trophies, male trophy, female trophy, golf trophies and awards

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