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Using FTP to Access Your Account

Your first step in using FTP is to download and install an FTP program. See the Related Topics area below for a list of recommended FTP programs. You can use any FTP program regardless of whether we recommend it. We recommend the most popular options as we are familiar with them and can assist you in using them if necessary. Some online services (e.g., America Online) include an FTP program with their software. If you are using an online service rather than an Internet Service Provider, check the documentation provided by your service to see if their software includes this capability.

For computers running any version of Microsoft Windows, we recommend:

For Macintosh computers, we recommend:

After you've downloaded and installed an FTP program, you should run the program and set up a profile for your site to easily login in the future. Although the method for creating a login profile varies from one program to another, all of them will ask you to provide the same basic information. This information also varies from one account to another, so a general example of the information is provided below.

  • FTP Host Address or Remote Server Name: or your site's IP address
  • User Name: Your user name as provided in your Welcome Letter.
  • Password: Your password as provided in your Welcome Letter.
  • Protocol: SFTP
  • Port: 22

Please contact support if you are unable to login to your account via FTP.

After you've setup the profile and connected with your account via FTP, you will see several folders and possibly a few files. The files for your Web site are stored in the "httpdocs" folder. Once the folder opens, you can transfer files from your computer to your Web site at will. Check the documentation included with the specific program you are using for precise instructions on how to download and upload files.

Public folder with your website: /httpdocs

Folder with user files: /files

Folder with store images (products, thumbnails, categories, detailed images, zoom and etc): /images

Folder with store templates: /skin

Folder with images used in the template: /skin/templatename/images

Private folder not accessible from the web: /private

You do not have to use FTP software to operate the store.

NOTE: Folders are rarely need to be modified directly. We strongly discourage making changes to these folders without consulting us first. Failure to observe this precaution could cause you to disable or damage your website, store and e-mail accounts and any messages stored within them. If you think something needs to be modified in these folders, let us know what you intend to change and we can confirm whether it is necessary to do this via FTP first.

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