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How to add html code or image to my pages

This can be done in "Edit Templates"
You can upload new images to use in the templates into
"Edit Templates" -> "images/" -> [Upload]
and use "{$ImagesDir}/yourimagename.jpg" as img href

Here is how to do it.

A. Upload the image you want to use:

1) click "Edit tempaltes"
2) click "images/"
3) click [Browse] to find the image on your computer
4) click [Upload] to upload new image from your computer.

B. Add HTML reference to this image into template

1) click "Edit tempaltes"
2) select template to modify

  • click "help.tpl" to add the image
    to the left part of your store
  • click "news.tpl" to add the image
    to the right part of your store
  • click "bottom.tpl" to add the image
    to the bottom part of your store

3) You will see several lines of HTML code inside the template
Scroll to the bottom and add new line there:

<br><IMG src="{$ImagesDir}/YOUR_IMAGE_NAME.JPG" border="0">

Do not forget to change "YOUR_IMAGE_NAME.JPG" in above code to the file name of your image you want to display.

If you want your image to be centered, add this line instead:

<br><center><IMG src="{$ImagesDir}/YOUR_IMAGE_NAME.JPG" border="0"></center>

4) Click "Save"
5) Refresh home page of your store to see new image on it.

The same way you can paste any HTML code into templates (from FrontPage for example)

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