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How to give discount based on qty?

Currently we sell products in qtys of 1-5-10-25 we give a discount based on the qty.

1 for 5.25
5 for 26.25
10 for 47.25
25 for 105.00

You can do this with "Wholesale prices" module
(included in Gold package).
Click "Modify product" -> scroll down to "Wholesale prices"
Enter qty and price per item for this qty, select membership
to apply discount (optional)

Also, we can install add-on in your store to import
qty prices from csv file in this format:

productcode, qty, price_per_item, membership.


Productcode minQty Price membership
almondbag 1 29.95 ALL
almondbag 2 21.46 ALL
almondbag 3 15.49 ALL
awribwcarbac 1 0.49 ALL
awribwcarbac 100 0.41 ALL
awribwcarbac 1000 0.31 ALL
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