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I can not access my site, what's wrong?

Testing Your Connection

In cases where you either cannot access your Web site or it loads slowly, it can be informative to test the connection between your computer and our hosting server. To perform this type of test, called a trace route, we recommend using PingPlotter. You can download this program at

After downloading the program to your computer, double-click on the downloaded file and follow the instructions on screen to install it.

After installation is complete, leave the option to run the program enabled and click the Finish button to open the program.

When the program opens, enter your domain name in Address to trace box without the 'www' prefix, then press the Trace button.

After pressing the Trace button, you will see a series of addresses and numbers in the box on the right.

This information is generated by checking every connection between your computer and the server where your domain is hosted. A typical trace will test 10-20 IP addresses (listed in the IP column in the above image). These are the server between your computer and our hosting server. The first few connections tested are your Internet Service Provider's network, the last connections are our server and backbone network, and the middle results are servers your Internet connection uses to connect with our backbone network.

If an asterisk '*' appears in one of the test results, this server may be down or inaccessible. Thus if these results are seen in the first few connections, you should contact your Internet Service Provider for assistance. In such cases, your site is typically accessible to other Internet users who are not affected by your Internet Service Provider's issue. If this result appears in the middle of the trace, the outage is on a server outside of our network and is beyond our control. Typically, these servers are managed by large telecommunications firms and they are probably already working on the problem. If this result appears in the last few server tests, our server or network backbone may be having a problem.

Since we monitor our servers and backbone network at 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it is likely that we are already aware of the problem and are working to resolve it. Check your connection again every 10-15 minutes. If you are still unable to access your domain after 60 minutes, or if access is urgently required, select the Edit > Copy As Text command from the menubar at the top of the screen, go to our Support Center, fill out the form completely and paste PingPlotter's results into the form along with an explanation that you cannot access your domain. We will review the trace report to determine any further action necessary to resolve the problem.

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