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How to make Bestsellers list to be shown?

> I had a question. Section BEST SELLERS.

> I don't have one on my site. Can I get one?

> If so, how do I edit it to start it off with some products?

> Also, is it a dynamic list? Meaning will it update as I get more and

> more sales without my intervention?

This is an automated list it will show your most popular products. To start it off just make a test order and buy items you want to see on this list. As soon as you change this test order status to "P" - processed, Bestsellers list will be displayed. You can change the number of products listed in "Control panel" -> "General Settings" -> "Modules options" -> "Number of products in bestsellers list"

Make sure you have "Bestsellers" turn on in "Modules" interface.

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