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File and Directory Names Conventions

The operating system on our hosting servers is CentOS (Linux platform). An operating system is the software used to perform key functions of a computer, such as storing data as files and interfacing with hardware. Although it is typically unnecessary for you to know the operating system of your hosting server, there are some conventions about using Linux that you should know to manage your site effectively. The most important conventions affect the file system, and how it differs from popular desktop operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and MacOS.

The conventions you should keep in mind are listed below.

File and folder names are case-sensitive. In Linux, two files or folders can have the same name in the same folder if the case of the letters within each name is different. For example Index.html and index.html are both valid file names, but they are not interchangeable as they would be in Windows. This causes a common mistake where a file with a name like MyPage.html is uploaded to the correct location, but attempting to view it at generates an error. Since file and folder names are case-sensitive, the correct address for viewing the file is A good rule of thumb for avoiding the confusion that this convention can cause is to use lower-case letters for all file names.

Spaces are not valid in Linux file names. Although browsers are designed to deal with this problem, using spaces in file names can cause problems using some of our tools. Although it is permissible to use a space in file names on your desktop computer, they should be avoided on your hosting account. A good rule of thumb for avoiding the confusion that this convention can cause is to avoid spaces or replace them with the underscore '_' character for all file names.

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