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Setting up CC processing

1. Go to CC processing menu select as an active CC processor, click Continue and then enter your detail settings. Enter merchant login and transaction key exactly as it was given to you by authorities. Then choose the currency and enter prefix to identify transactions from your store which are handled through It is necessary if you use not only with this store.

2. Then log in into your merchant account
Here is the information you'll need:
Who is your hosting provider? Web Host Provider:  
What Web development language did you use to develop your Website?  Web Development Language:
Do you use a shopping cart on your site?
- Yes.
Shopping Cart Solution:
- X-Cart
Host may be same as shopping cart solution. Shopping Cart Host:
Next, it will ask for
Secret Question and Answer, you'll need it to access some info in your account later.

go to Settings-> Response/Receipt URLs click Add URL button and enter the following URL:
(POST method)

Check that the following parameters are set as following:
Settings-> Direct Response:
1. Direct Response Delimited Response: Yes
2. Default Field Separator: ,(comma)

click "Settings and Profile" -> "Obtain Transaction Key" -> answer Secret Question, click [Submit], copy "Transaction Key"

Now, go to Store's Control panel -> Payment methods

Scroll down to Payment gateways section -> select "AuthorizeNet AIM" from the list -> click [Add]
-> Click AuthorizeNet: AIM: Configure -> enter Login (username), transaction key, select Currency, leave MD5 hash value blank, Test/Live mode, Order prefix (can be anything you want or blank - helps if the same account is used for several stores to see which store order came from) -> click [Update]

You can disable you manual credit card processing method now (it's enabled by default - called "Credit Card") and enable and rename your payment method to something more user friendly (like "Credit Card") now.

Now, try to place a real order in the store (maybe with a test product for $1 or so) to see if everything works.

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