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How to import products from csv/text file

Some tips for preparing your import file:

1. DESC is required field, FULLDESCR is not.
You can move text from FULLDESCR to DESC

2. PRICE field should have only numbers without "$" sign.

3. THUMBNAIL filed should have exact image name (images have to be already on the server)


Go to "General settings" -> check "Check this to close your shop temporarily"

Go to "DB backup/restore" -> Check "Write SQL dump to file" -> click "Generate SQL file"

This will save your full database to the server. If something went wrong with the import you just click "DB backup/restore" -> "Restore" to get everything back.

Click "Import products"
Check "Get columns names from the first row of CSV file"
Select "Comma" in "CSV delimiter"
Beside "CSV file for upload" click [Browse] and select file to import from your computer.
Check everything above again and..
Click [Import products]

If import was successful, go to the store home and check if new products and thumbnail are there. If something is wrong - restore your database as soon as possible and do not forget to open your store in "General settings".
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