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How to create new template

> how do I implement new minibanners.tpl template with images inside?

1) Using Windows NotePad or Wordpad application create a new text file called "minibanners.tpl" on your computer.

2) Go to "Edit templates" menu

3) click [Browse] button to upload new file to your server. After uploading you should see your file in the list of templates on the server.

4) Now you have to tell your store to show this template on the pages. To do this you have to "include" template into any existing template. Just add this line of code at the bottom of "poweredby.tpl" or "help.tpl" templates (for example):

{ include file="minibanners.tpl" }

5) You can add some text into new "minibanners.tpl" template or some image(s).

6) To add text, just type it inside of "minibanners.tpl" template. You can also use standard HTML tags there as well.

7) To add images:

  • upload images to "Edit templates" :: "images/" folder.
  • Second, add code loading this images to "minibanners.tpl" template like this:

    <img border="0" src="{$ImagesDir}/YOUIMAGENAME.JPG">

    {$ImagesDir} indicates where you image is located (means "skin1/images/" folder on the server)

8) Save modified "minibanners.tpl" template, go to your store home page and refresh it to see if new text and/or images are shown correctly there.

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